May 29, 2005

The letter of The Society for defending prisoners' right to chief of Iranian judiciary

The honoured chief of judiciary ,your Excellancy, Ayatollah seyyed Mahmood Hashemi Shahroodi

With greetings

Circulation of your recent circular pertaining the decision to grant three months leaves to the sick prisoners in order that they can cure their deseases, caused satisfaction; but unfortunately such instructions are not executed with respect to certain prisoners. According to the reports received, from the prisoners' relatives, and tracks kept by the society, Mr. Hoda Saber , Mr. Reza Alijani, Mr Taghi Rahmani, Mr. Bina Darabzand, and Mr. Akbar Ganji are amongst the prisoners who need urgent medical care. Although the prison management haven't apparently shown any short coming(s) regarding this problem, but medical care facilities available in prison are not sufficient for curing their deseases;and it is necessary to dispatch them to the medical centers outside the prison and grant them sufficient leaves of absence until the concerns about their health are eliminated. The society for defending the prisoners' rights, expects you to take a special and appropriate action, regardless of the point weather or not their political and ideological accusations are justified, and merely from the point of view of retaining and observing the prisoners' rights.
Now , Mr. Hoda Saber confronts serious danger. His inherited heart desease, led Some of his close relatives to death, is such that he formerly measured his length suddenly and went in to a coma in the room in which he spends his period of imprisonment. The prison responsibles helped sending him quickly to Baghiyatollah hospital and to save his life. Meanwhile thanking for granting him a two weeks sick leave, which is of course not enough at all for curing his desease, we remind that the above – mentioned event is likely to happen and, with due attention to the prison's medical limitations we are very seriously concerned for Mr. saber's health and life; and any regrettable event that happens to him may have grave outcomes for Islamic Republic and therefore, it is necessary to issue the order of his release as urgently as possible.
Mr Reza Alijani has also the same health position. He has resiprational disturbance , and has been under the physicians' supervision and being cured from before his period of imprisonment; but this fact has been neglected for a long time. Furthermore, he suffers too thashe and the ear putrefaction, nowadays.
Mr. taghi Rahmani who has tolerated11 years of imprisonment in the terrible conditions of the 1360 s and has totally spent more than 14 years of his life in prison, until now, and has got involved with various illnesses, including chroninal headache and hemorrhoid, and must be under the physicians' supervision, permanently.
Mr. BinaDarabzand, 48 years old prisoner
, has been convicted to 3 years of imprisonment, and has spent half of it in Rajaee – shahr prison. Besides the fact that the Rejaee – shahr prison in not an appropriate place for keeping political prisoners, he has been suffering heart desease from before his imprisonment period, and he has been affected with heart attacks for two times, previously,
and he has toothache now.
Mr. Akbar Ganji who has been in prison for more than 5 years, suffers from Asthma, needs serious medical care and urgent checkup.
Mr. Arzhang Davoodi, who is spending 15 years period of his imprisonment, is also involved with some kind of Allergy, and ear putrefaction, too, which has been to his lungs contagiously.

تبليغات خبرنامه گويا 

We hope that you issue the order for the urgent actions and care with respect to them, paying due attention humanitarian considerations, and the indisputable right of the prisoners for being cured.
We thank you for any kind of appropriate action your Excellency may take as the head of judiciary, in anticipation – the society for defending prisoners' rights.

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