October 12, 2004

a young Iranian journalist, Bolger and NGO activist has been arrested

Omid Memarian a young Iranian journalist, Bolger and NGO activist has been arrested on Sunday 10 of October in his office in Tehran.He is the latest victim of the new wave of the heavy-handed crackdown on Persian political websites and Internet journalists in Iran.
Brother of Omid Memarian told the news agency ISNA (in Persian: http://www.isna.ir) that Omid has been arrested Sunday (10/10/2004) noon by some individuals. He added that those individuals went to his home and took his personal computer and his writings as well.
In another report, Rooydad (in Persian: http://rooydadnews.blogspot.com), a reformist website added that he has been arrested by Amaken Office (One of the Polis Section under the control of hard liners) (in Persian: edaareh amaken) under the control of Unite 9 of Public Prosecutor - Airport (in Persian: dadsetani nahyeh 9 - foroodgah).

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His name was in a list of some journalist who has been accused by Keyhan newspaper to be in part of a Enemy Network. Hossin Shariatmadry the writer of this article was the interrogative of many political prisoners in the prison of Evine. It was named on the head of the Kayhan newspaper by the ayatollah Khamenei in person.

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