October 24, 2004

Iranian Journalists May Have no Choice but to take their Protest to the International Community

In a report by Deutsche Welle Persian Radio, Isa SaharKhiz, a well known Iranian Journalist, in an interview said that "the 103 persons who signed an open letter to Ayatollah Khamenei, the Spiritual Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, never expected a reply from the office of the Leader." He went on to say that other similar efforts have been left unanswered. Mr.
SaharKhiz said that should our multiple protests against this latest crackdown on the press and the arrests of the online journalists go unanswered by the legal system within Iran, we will have no choice but to begin to address the international community, namely human rights
organizations and defenders about the state of human rights and the continued assault on freedom of the press and free expression by political actors." SaharKhiz also mentioned that this protest meeting was much larger than any other similar event, and besides criticizing the latest crackdown on the press, the protest was intended to bring attention to the illegal means employed by the Judiciary in its efforts to silence the press.

تبليغات خبرنامه گويا


Co-hosted by the Iranian Organization of Journalists, the Organization to Defend the Freedom of the Press and the Association of Young Journalists, the event drew over 300 protesters. The recent crackdown on the freedom of the press in Iran has targeted online journalists. In this latest assault on free expression, Shahram Rafihzadeh, Hanif Mazroi, Rozbeh Mir Ebrahimi,
Omid Memarian and Javad Gholam Tamayomi have been arrested. Their charges and whereabouts remain unclear.

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